Players of the Hinterland Bands

 The Hinterland Concert Band:

Band Director (and trumpet where required): David Underwood

Flute: Meg Eisenhauer, Pauline Hoare, Ellen Rapaport

Clarinet: Morgan Chen, Natalie Cone, Judy Hobart, Sallyanne Kibble, Carol McGavin, Jim McLean, Grace Rapaport, Zandra White (also alto saxophone), Jessica Wood

Saxophone: Geoff Domelow, Isobelle, Gapp, John Myers, Wayne Nolan, Michael Levonis

Tenor Saxophone: Rita Drysdall

Trumpet: Gary Spriggs, Gaetano Gugliotta, Ray Fraser, Michael Smith, Sue Ridgewell, Griffin Light-Law, John Stennett

French Horn: Stephanie Westwood,

Trombone: Pat Currie, Joop Pronk

Euphonium: Noel Underwood

Tuba: George O’Brien

Bass Guitar: Mike Randle

Percussion (drum kit): Jean-Luc Auffret

Percussion (timpani/mixed): Alby Chamberlain, Richard Williams


The Hint of Swing Big Band: 

Band Director (reeds and vocals): Roger Munsie

Reeds: Roger Munsie, Neil Guiney, John Myers, Tab Paenga, Reg Payne, Brenda Shero, Bob Young

Trumpets: Jenny Capper, James Henshaw, Jack McPherson, John Wheatley

Trombones: Alby Chamberlain, Ivan Cocking, Taylor Holmes

Piano: Garry Matthews

Guitar / Bass Guitar: John Pieri, Martin Wyatt

Drums: Peter McKee

Vocals: James Henshaw, Roger Munsie, John Pieri

2 Responses to Players of the Hinterland Bands

  1. Nancy Thomas says:

    Could Roger Munsie please contact or call in to see Wilf & Norma Thomas in Ballina. Both are 90 & would dearly love to see him.
    Thank you
    Nancy Thomas

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for your message. I have passed this onto Roger with your contact details.
    Adam (HCB webmaster)

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